Inspired by the Tony Robbins Basket Brigade, our mission is to identify tangible needs, maximize the value of contributions, and engage on a personal level with our neighbors.

The process we’ve used to identify tangible community needs has piggy backed on personal volunteer work (such as serving the homeless with breakfast at the Grace Church and dinner at the Hoboken Shelter), connections with local religious groups, and expanding community contacts with each year’s increasing activities.

We invite you to peruse our expanding annual activities under our history tab and join with us in our efforts to make a difference in neighbors’ lives.

Children served ’14 to ’18
Volunteers/Contributors ’14 to ’18
Personal vehicles employed in donation deliveries


A Lean Operation.

The maximizing value process involves a combination of in-kind custom purchased donations, use of discount stores, coupons, and coordination w/other local service groups. We have almost zero overhead. The Board separately paid over $1,000 for JCBB to become a 501(c)3 in 2017 & $800 to cover web site development costs in ’18. JCBB has no paid staff, no banking fees, and under $100 in each of last two yrs in combined PayPal & state filing fees. Zero overhead is incurred on our donations through larger local charities housing homeless families, because we obtain specific wish lists (diapers, clothing with child sizes, food items, hygiene items, & cleaning supplies), purchase desired supplies, and donate them in-kind. In 2018, we are expanded this process, allowing individuals to directly purchase items off a tax deductible Amazon donation registry, providing an even greater level of transparency and personal control. We continue to maximize value from each dollar of monetary donation through direct support of individual families and utilizing:

In ’16 and ’17, we also nearly doubled our donated supplies, by partnering with Mommies Heart-2-Heart (see “Partner Links” tab), which has run canned food/diaper drives dovetailing with our now annual caravan drop-off to homeless families housed by Hudson County at the Newark YMCA.


We Engage with Neighbors in Need on a Personal Level.

As in person donation delivery opportunities have developed, we’ve been privileged to make direct connections to families in need. These opportunities have ranged from three years of direct delivery of supplies to homeless families in temporary county housing to an introduction by a local pastor.

In the 2016 Thanksgiving season Newark YMCA drop-off, we met a single mother with whom we exchanged contact information. The mother stayed in touch over a period of months, letting us know she found temporary work sufficient to move into independent housing and her eldest child was accepted as a freshman at Jersey City’s magnate high school. Still struggling, however, due to a lack of consistent work, JCBB helped re-draft her resume and provided a little job hunting advice.

As Thanksgiving ’17 rolled around, we decided to focus resources on this family still working to pull itself out of challenging circumstances. We offered the family a BJs Thanksgiving dinner shopping excursion, bought the mother a gas fuel gift card, and in 1Q18 secured much needed repairs on the family car. 

We’re very pleased to report that the mother has since secured two part time jobs totaling 40+ hrs a week and the family is enjoying a renewed sense of security.


Making the holidays brighter yearly


Your donation or time will really make an impact on families in our city. Love locally.

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