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JCBB needs help with purchasing, storing, packaging and delivering donated supplies. Purchasing of supplies involves frugal shopping and meticulous accounting. Residents in Jersey City with sufficient space can help store supplies, usually over a period of days/weeks leading up to Thanksgiving season drop-offs.

We usually have two to four drop-offs to different charity locations over the Thanksgiving holiday period. All require a car and some require deliveries during weekday hours when most people work. Sometimes sister organizations, such as Mommies Heart-2-Heart, have run follow-up Christmas season donation drives for which they’ve asked us for delivery assistance. 

If you’re interested, please contact us with your details and we’ll get together.

Corporate referrals:

JCBB is eager to make corporate connections for both in-kind donations (corporate sponsors wishing to contribute their own goods) and monetary support/matching programs. Please contact us with details.

Service opportunity referrals:

If you are personally aware of local families in need or can make a referral to a cleric, community worker or other contact with a deep knowledge of community needs, please let us know. We are always eager to expand community contacts and find increasingly tangible ways to provide renewable, value added, support for neighbors in need. Please contact us with details and we’ll follow up.