• Raised record >$6k of cash and in kind donations, supported by 25 cash donors, the Mommies Heart-to-Heart food drive, & other in-kind donors
  • In Nov, delivered food, diapers, clothes, cleaning supplies & cooking equipment (microwaves, crock pots, etc.) to 26 homeless families/pregnant mothers with 44 children at the Newark YMCA
  • In Nov, provided $635 Walmart shopping trip to recently widowed mother with two daughters who transitioned from Newark Y to individual housing in Oct ’18
  • In Oct, delivered PJs/nightgowns to 15 homeless families with 20 children in long-term shelter at Hope House
  • In Oct, dropped off 31 skillets for homeless families at the York Street Project
  • Over course of year, provided $1,400 in services (car repair, BJs shopping trip, & gas station gift card) for a single mother with three children who transitioned from the Newark Y in 2017 and remained in precarious (but improving) financial conditions.
  • Direct assistance to individual “at risk” families comprised ~36% of JCBB’s cash operating budget in 2018
  • JCBB saved $625 through use of BJs coupons and mngr sponsored charity gift cards in addition to discounts received at KidsTown & a car repair shop (total ’18 JCBB operating expenses <$100 for state filing and Paypal fees).
  • Formally launched the JCBB web site (through volunteer efforts and direct BOD monetary support)


  • Became formal 501(c)(3) charity, w/26 individuals making monetary & in-kind donations
  • 2nd yr partnering w/Mommies Heart-to-Heart canned food drive for Newark YMCA
  • Delivered food, diapers, kids’ PJs and cleaning supplies to 28 Hudson County homeless families (49 kids) housed at the Newark YMCA
  • Delivered PJs and winter caps/gloves/scarves to 24 kids at Hope House.
  • JCBB Board member Muni Tahzib transported Mommies H2H Christmas gifts to Newark YMCA
  • Sponsored individual family with full Thanksgiving meal & repair of family car. Mother has since secured full-time employment.


  • 1st yr partnering w/Mommies Heart-to-Heart canned food drive for Newark YMCA
  • Delivered food, diapers, personal hygiene products & cleaning supplies to 25 Hudson County homeless families (50 kids) Housed at the Newark YMCA
  • Bought and delivered food, juices/milk, diapers, cleaning supplies, & bandaids/Advil to the York Street Project
  • Delivered PJs and winter caps/globes/scarves to 26 kids at Hope House
  • Delivered food, coffee supplies, cleaning supplies, band aids & toilet paper to GSEDCO
  • Donated over $350 to a recovering Jersey City family (incl 5 kids) for clothing, bus passes and a little help with apartment security deposit. Referral from Rev Laurie of Grace Church & donation made through her Church discretionary fund.


  • Nine families donated funds and volunteered to expand JCBB efforts
  • 1st yr delivering long lived food, Thanksgiving pies, disposable plates/cutlery & select clothing to 35 families (more than 55 kids) in temporary county provided housing (initially at Starlite Motel)
  • Delivered Tupperware, cleaning/laundry supplies, diapers/baby wipes, kleenex, & garbage bags to the York Street Project


Inspired by the Tony Robbins Basket Brigade efforts, we reached out to a few contacts to find Thanksgiving service opportunities.

Having previously volunteered for dinner service at the Hoboken Shelter and having a connection to the Trinity Gospel Haven congregation (through a shared community history with their church location dating back over 100 yrs), we found the most promising opportunities. A Hoboken Shelter case manager told us about a a large family in need, including 10 people (spanning three generations, with half children) and the Trinity Gospel Haven Church said they could use help sponsoring three families in need, including an elderly couple and two families of four (one requiring sugar free desert due to diabetes). The church provided additional side dishes for a truly full Thanksgiving feast.

We received lists of preferred meal items, purchased supplies at ShopRite/BJs, and delivered Thanksgiving meal items to the shelter and Church. The Hoboken Shelter case worker had a member of the family meet the JCBB crew when we dropped off the turkey, stuffing, veggies and pies.


Your donation or time will really make an impact on families in our city. Love locally.